Miko 3

Miko’s got dozens of emotions (and a few tricks up its sleeve). Not just recognizing you and calling you by name, but responding to your mood and getting to know you a little better each day. Need a joke when you’re down? Dance when you’re bored? Miko’s on it. Because it’s not just the smartest little robot you’ll ever meet. It’s also your friend.




  • Emotion: Powered by deep learning AI, Miko knows how to connect with kids. It’s curious, expressive, and surprisingly empathetic.
  • Behavior: By better understanding a kid’s developmental phases Miko can help kids accelerate learning and increase intelligence.
  • Adaptive: Miko understands there’s a lot to learn. So the more you hang out with Miko, the more Miko gets to know you.
  • Game for anything
  • Say it loud and proud.
  • Teaching & Learning.
  • Always on a roll.
  • Simply secure
  • Stay connected with Mikonnect


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