Magician Lite

DOBOT Magician Lite, a multi-functional lightweight intelligent robotic arm, is one of the core products in DOBOT’s K12 customized artificial intelligence education ecosystem. Magician Lite enjoys numerous software and hardware interaction methods and expansion interfaces in order to maximize students’ freedom to create. Through building and playing, students can learn how artificial intelligence and mechanics work. They will be also introduced to a world of rudimentary knowledge of robotics and how they can be used in the real world. Additionally, DOBOT hosts robotics competitions to stoke students’ interest in robotics and get more of them to be involved. Students work together as a team to address challenging tasks by designing, creating, and programming their own robots. This means that these students not only can put what they have learned to the rigid test but also get to celebrate their unique talents and achievements.

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  • Excellent Performance & Safe to Use
  • Magic Box for Unlimited Capabilities
  • Graphical Programming (Software)



  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Repeatability: ± 0.2
  • Payload: 250 g
  • Reach: 340mm
  • Proximity perception distance: 5~15cm
  • Approaching response cycle: 10ms
  • Rated Voltage DC: 12V
  • Consumption: 60W MAX




  • Magician Lite
  • Ink Sac×2
  • Building block kit (Building blocks + Block pallet×2)
  • Tool kit (1.5mm Allen wrench+ 2mm Allen wrench+ Suction cup+ Set screw)
  • End tools (Soft-Gripper+ Pen Holder+ Suction Cup)
  • Camera Kit (Camera kit+ Cable Clip)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Calibration Card
  • Work mat
  • Magic Box controller
  • Power Box
  • Power adapter


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